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    Default Shopbot errors

    Hi fellow shopbot users... I am having difficulty sorting out the errors that shopbot has been giving me the last month or so...I never had any issues using a normal makita router but now, using the HF spindle, errors keep popping up and the bot stops or just do movements that was not programmed.

    The errors that pop up is An error 4, Check cables error and Bot no longer recognised.Sometimes is shows errors sometimes it don't.

    Our thoughts is that it might be interference as the HF spindle cable is in the same E-chain as the stepper motors cables, we have unplugged and cleaned all connections already.

    Don't know if it might be the pc, motor or the cables, Need help!

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    Not sure if i am the best to give advice, but here it goes:
    Are you running anything besides the bot on your computer; (all unnecessary services need to be turned off and the computer does cant be connected to the internet;
    Is the bot grounded;
    Is the bot grounded to your dust collector;
    Have you run a speed test between the bot and the computer;
    and finally are you transferring the file to the computer or running it off of a thumb drive?

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    What is your "Packet_ET"?
    Type UT in command line and read, and then do the 4" single axis move and type UD to get results.
    Might at least get us started.
    Anything else changed on the electronic side?
    Are wires neatly coiled now, and right nest to each other? That's a BAD thing that may be causing crosstalk.
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    Do an air cut without the router running and see if you still get the errors. One of my routers will cause interference in my house when I run it

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