Yesterday I had the body of the spindle run into a clamp and as a result the shopbot lost several steps, which put the tool in the wrong place. I was at the machine at the time and hit the space bar on the computer, which stopped the machine.

The origin was at table coordinates 0,0 so it was easy enough to put the tool back to a known place. I noted that I was just past line 2400 when I stopped the tool.

So how do I go about starting the cut file and going immediately to line 2400 without waiting to have it re-trace it's steps? It was at about 16 minutes into the cut file and I did not want to waste the time so I spent about an hour fiddling around. (Go Figure!) Finally I pulled up the cut file and edited out the lines starting at about 15 and going through 2400. I added a line to pull the Z up to 1 inch just before the lines that it should cut.

Is there not a good easy way to do this?