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Thread: Common maintenance items to stock for desktop max

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    Default Common maintenance items to stock for desktop max

    I am using my desktop max in a production environment and I would like suggestions on what items I should keep in stock that will wear out (or break). I want to keep these items on hand so I don't suffer too much down time. Thank you.

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    Had 2 Desktops in semi production mode for a couple years, and 1 yr in 40-50 hours a week mode, and not very much goes wrong with the machine itself
    BUT, we slowed down for days when Collet nut/collets/most commonly used bits were dropped/burnt by catastrophic human error/or just plain wore out. Have at least one of each on hand.
    Computer keyboard failure was most common here(3 times 2 years 2 Desktops), but monitor went out once...Fein for DC had to go for repair etc. Maybe keep an extra on hand to swap out, but may be overboard(except for keyboards).
    IF you clip to collet(not usually needed), then maybe an entire wiring set up for the clips/Z plate, but if you have connectivity with the clip living on a levelling leg or similar, then that's not needed.
    Machine itself is pretty bulletproof with regular maintenance.
    Scott Plaisted
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 9

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    To DHP56

    I agree with Scott about spare collets and a collet nut. If you see grey 'chatter' marks appearing on your cutter shafts then that is a sure sign to change the collet and order a new one for stock.

    Never start an important project without at least two of each cutter used - Murphy's law - Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. If you have only one cutter - it will fail.
    Batteries for the wireless keyboard.
    Small wire brushes for keeping the rollers and track pristine.

    Martin Reid

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