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Thread: Finding a successor so I can retire

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    Default Finding a successor so I can retire

    I want to semi-retire and divest myself of one of my business lines (contemporary metal clocks), but Im not sure how to go about it. I use a ShopBot for many of the pieces, and Im going to keep mine, so a successor will need their own CNC. I began with a 48x96 PRS but have switched to a Desktop MAX, which works fine. The largest pieces are 10.5 x 28.5 cut from 6061 aluminum, so a standard Desktop would not be large enough.

    As I sell my work wholesale, I first thought about contacting the galleries which represent me and asking if they could suggest one of the other artists they represent who might want to expand their offerings. But because of the investment in equipment required for anyone not already working with CNC, Im not sure that is a practical approach.

    Any suggestions on how I can go about finding a younger CNCer with more energy than I now have would be appreciated.

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    Robert, I was quite impressed with your work, very appealing.......... But I wonder, you are an artist, and what you make is your art. And it would seem as though you are your brand. If you sell, what someone is buying won't be you. Wouldn't you have to agree to make art and new designs for the new owner so that they didn't buy a dead business?

    Not to be a party pooper, but it is an interesting question about how to sell an artistic business, instead of say a cabinet making business.

    Again, I really liked your work,,,,,,,,,, good luck,,,, Chuck
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