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Thread: Need help with Aspire 8.5

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    I don't think it is the machine as the areas that are not cut deep enough are consistent. If it was the machine they would be different depths

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    As I said, I solved an exact issue by adjusting the Z axis on the machine. Before doing so I ran the exact same toolpath that was causing this particular problem on another Shopbot and it cut without any issue. This ruled out Aspire and the toolpath as the culprit. That is not to say that SB3 control software doesn't have a hand in it. At least have a look at it.


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    If it doesn't show up in the 3D view of your model and it doesn't show in the toolpath preview in Aspire, then take it one more step and preview it in the ShopBot Previewer. Look at the results of it with the tool applied and run, but also just look at all the blue toolpath lines that are shown. By zooming in to the problem areas, you should be able to see if there are lines that are higher in the 'flat' regions behind the letters and lower in the space between the letters. You can hover over the lines and read the XYZ values as well as the line of code it's on at the bottom of the viewer.

    If you don't see the issue in any of these methods, it could be a machine problem. Since you have an Alpha, you shouldn't lose steps so take a look at the grub screws per Gary's suggestion. With ramp values that are at default or not optimal settings for 3D, when it gets to a letter edge, it jerks up abruptly and could shift the position of the shaft in the pinion. Granted, it seems that the area would be low instead, but the shaft could go both ways and maybe at the other side of the letter, it's on the opposite side of intended value.

    Post the file if you can for us to take a look at. If not here, google drive, onedrive, dropbox, etc.

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    I would wager mechanical problem too.

    Wouldn't hurt to try a different font, if you haven't already ,,, And add a zero plane.

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