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Thread: Warble At The End Of Rectangles - Ramping Issue?

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    Default Warble At The End Of Rectangles - Ramping Issue?

    Ramping issue is my best guess for this problem, but I really have no idea, so I'm coming to the forum to ask.

    Anyone ever seen a problem like this? We are using rectangles as male inserts for an alignment system on our cutting table, but the edges leading into the corners are showing some really wacky curves where there should be straight lines. My best guess is the machine is ramping down in speed to go into the corner, and the line is getting altered. This happens on 3 of the 4 corners. I'd have to watch it over again, but I can say with probably 95% accuracy that the start/stop corner is the clean one, and my guess is that as the motors are ramping down to turn the 90 degree corner, something wonky is happening and is altering the line. Needless to say, it's not helping our alignment system!

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!



    Should've stated our equipment. We are running a 4 footer 3-axis (though we have an entirely separate Y-Car with separate A/B axes), using Aspire. This problem shows up regardless of the resolution that the job is set up at.

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    Only time my machine has done something similar was due to gross negligence in maintenance, bringing us to the classic problem: Loose motors and/or worn pinion gears.
    What is status of your maintenance regarding pinions?


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    I would agree you have something loose. Y car, router/spindle, pinion.

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    Did your material slip? ...joe

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    I saw something a little bit similar one time when I had a bad connection to one of the two x-axis motors.

    Try turning the system on (motors on but not moving!). Try moving each end of your gantry to see if you have play on one side or the other. You can do likewise for other parts of the system.

    What's the orientation of the pieces? Does the wobble occur only in the x-direction or y-direction? Does it only occur going into or out of the corner? A little more detail could be useful here.

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