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Thread: Bit selection, Feeds & Speeds for 30lb Architectural Foam

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    Question Bit selection, Feeds & Speeds for 30lb Architectural Foam

    This is a new material for me, so I figured I'd ask the experts while I do a quick google search...

    I need to cut some decorative corbels out of 2" thick 30lb architectural foam. I plan on using a 1/4" spiral bit...Should I use an up-cut or a down-cut? Will I be able to achieve nice, clean edges using an up-cut? Or will it chip out like wood does? I really don't have extra material to experiment with, this is a one shot deal...

    Also, any ideas on feeds and speeds?

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: Looking at, it seems like 14,000 rpm at 75 IPM with a .25" upcut carbide or HSS bit is a good starting point. I'll most likely do 2 passes at .75" each to achieve a 1.5" depth and finish it off on the router table with a flush cut bit for the last .5"...I don't have a .25" bit that can cut all the way through 2" depth
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    I use and upcut bit when I cut it it cuts like butter real nice finish and not much stress on the bits

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    you can cut it in one pass with a 1/4" bit if you had one that could handle 2" depth of cut. you can cut it as fast as you want with no problems at all.

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