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    We bought our first Desktop sight unseen just on the specs, the company's responses to our initial questions, and all the help from the forum.
    Once we had our first machine, there was never a question about the fact that going with the spindle was the right choice for us.....happy enough so that we bought an exact same Desktop within 3 months for the production work
    No regrets at ALL going Shopbot.
    As to the Y limitations...pretty much a non factor, as VCarvePro that comes with the machine has a "Tiling" function, and as long as it's not more than 24" wide, you can slide almost any length project through the Y-axis.
    We only rarely need it, but it's there.
    The Desktop is built like a tank!
    I don't think you'll have any regrets purchasing one, and if you're like me, you'll LOVE the precision and repeatability you'll have!
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    I think the infographic Russ posted tells the tale.
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    I've had my ShopBot Desktop with spindle since 2011, originally set-up for 120 and then 220 before I left for Australia with it, it cut fine in Canada in a -30C garage (spindle warm-up was literally a must) as well as Perth where it was +40C (spindle warm-up performed, though was debating the purpose). It has traveled the ocean twice, flew in planes and you know what, it still runs just as great NOW as it did 7 years ago though the wiring is losing a bit of color. Everything is still original on it including the spindle but did replace the power supply after running it straight cutting Oak for way too many hours in a hot shop.

    When I got back from Australia, I kept the unit running at 220 and no problems at all, runs as true and straight as ever and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a ShopBot Desktop to anybody looking to get into CNC machines - I cut my teeth on that machine and use it every few days for "something" to this day.

    Here's a video I made about it years ago when I was in Australia.

    Here's the last video I made with it (more coming soon, just not posted)

    and here's the first, I wished I aged as well as my Shopbot Desktop!

    ShopBot Tools has made lots of advancements since me getting one of the first produced, so whatever you get now will be even better than the perfect little machine I have which is hard to believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry_stanek View Post
    When I first started on the internet it would fit on a 3.5 floppy
    When I started on the internet, it was a data cassette and 300 baud dialup, with REALLY lousy and very limited connection quality. Now it is so common place... When I started in computers, they were programmed with jumper wires.
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