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Thread: Error message on my Buddy Alpha

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    Default Error message on my Buddy Alpha

    This is a new machine we have yet to cut anything on. I'm jogging the cutting head and/or table and it moves a little then keeps giving me a "Driver Fault! location no longer accurate" I down loaded the newest driver from the ShopBot web site but it didn't change anything. Any ideas?


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    Default Suggestions

    Dear ZebraTruck

    Sounds like a 'usb connection' fault.

    (1) Check all USB leads, when we tracked down the one giving us problems we replaced it with a shielded lead and re-routed it away from power leads.

    (2) Make sure that when you use USB memory sticks you use the 'safely remove hardware' system icon.

    Shopbot 'losing focus'
    (3) make sure there is no 'background processes' running on the computer that runs the shopbot control software. Switch off networks, screen savers, power saving options, use control panel - programmes and 'remove' anything that might try and run in the background.

    Grounding issues - if the machine is not earthed correctly it can cause 'intermittent' problems
    (4) check the forum for 'grounding issues'

    You must let shopbot technical know, they are very helpful.

    I hope you get to the bottom of is soon, I'll watch with interest.

    Sincerely and in good faith
    Martin Reid

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    Are you sure that the axes are not binding or running into something that is stopping it. A driver fault with and alpha drive is usually due to it not being able to move, as if hitting a mechanical stop or some other obstruction. Drop the motors away from the racks and see if it moves freely throughout its travel.

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    Things are working good now, thanks for the replies.

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