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Thread: quick way to zero Y at indexer center?

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    Default quick way to zero Y at indexer center?

    I have my indexer running along the X axis. I used the "move tiny bits and examine" approach to get close then tested by balancing a small rule and dropping the Z down to make sure it remained flat when the bit contacted it.

    But this process is pretty time consuming and I was wondering if there was something more clever for locating the centerline of the indexer for setting Y zero.

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    A very sharp v-bit chucked in the router and dead center will get you where you need to be.

    You want to run C3 first, then measure the distance from Y0 to the centerline using the v-bit. Then write that down. Same with the Z. Zero the Z on the bed near the indexer. Then raise it until it is on center. Write down that distance.

    Then when you want to get back to that location refer to the locations you wrote down. This is of course assuming that you didn't move the indexer.

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