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Thread: Looking for Shopbot Operator in NYC

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    Default Looking for Shopbot Operator in NYC

    I'm looking for a Shopbot Operator with experience in Rhino/RhinoCAM, Aspire/VCarvePro to give paid consultation on a project that I'm working on at the moment. My studio is in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I'm running a Shopbot PRT Apha 4'x8' with upgraded control cards running current Shopbot sofware. Also running Rhino/RhinoCAM and Aspire for design and toolpaths/G Code. Experience in flip-milling, 3D objects, a plus. Looking for on-site consultation ASAP. Thanks!

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    I am in up state New York I can help you with your programming needs.
    Please email me at

    Please put your phone number in email so I can call you I do programming for 8 different company.

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    I'm in Massachusetts but can do internet/phone consulting if you need.

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    Hi Christian. This was posted about a year ago, but assuming you found someone. We're located in Bushwick and always around if you had any Q's. Cheers..

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