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Thread: Table/spoilboard assembly question - "Super Track" idea

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    Are there times you wish you had a vacuum? I am not a production shop where quick mount / quick release is an issue. I use a lot of 2 sided tape for my smaller parts otherwise it's all clamped. For the tape I put down a layer of masking tape, then the two sided tape then on the back of the substrate I put a layer of more masking tape, then stick down the substrate. Makes for a very quick cleanup. Russ
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    Quote Originally Posted by bking1836 View Post

    About how much $ am I looking at for a vacuum system? I realize there’s surely a range, but a ballpark would help. I’d be willing to do some of the work myself.
    I spent about $100 to $150 on PVC plumbing to run a 4 zone system on my 4x8 table. They are hooked to 2 FEIN Turbo 3 Vacs. Don't think you can get the Turbo 3 anymore, but the Turbo II you can get for $350. I've heard some people say the run off 1 Fein II for a full size table, not sure about this, maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in.

    With that setup running, I cannot budge a full size sheet when on my table.
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