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Thread: Online Training Updates

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    Default Online Training Updates

    Hello everyone,

    For the past few years we have held our Online Training sessions on Wednesdays at 1:00pm eastern time. Due to scheduling conflicts we are no longer going to be able to offer these sessions at this time.

    We do not want to loose these valuable sessions so we are reaching out to hear your suggestions for new days and times. Please take a few minutes and write us back to let us know your suggestions. We will take everyone's feedback and put together a new day and time.

    Please let us know the following things:
    -Training topics
    -Am/Pm sessions
    -Day of the week
    -Length of session
    -Any other reccomendations

    We really value our Online Training and want to build an even better atmosphere for 2018 so we really appreciate any suggestions that you have to offer.

    Once we get enough feedback from you we will put together a new day and time and test that out in December before making it official for 2018.

    Thank you for your time, TJ

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    Hey TJ, Ricky over in Bahama says you should hold 3 a day, and come over to his place and bring free food. Said something about damn yankees, too. Just picked up 180 bf of red cedar from him.

    As for the training slots, I liked when they were, even though I forgot about them half the time. I work at the computer mornings and early afternoons and go out in the shop later in the afternoon, so late afternoons/evenings aren't really good for me. But since I'm the only one to reply so far maybe we can work something out.
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    Default More thoughts

    Dear TJ

    Mornings US EST would be better for those participating in the UK or Europe.

    Participants have to make themselves available so the day of the week is probably less important than making sure it is regular so it's easier to get in the diary.

    As for topics, for those that haven't seen it the current list includes.
    Back to the Basics
    Safe Z Heights and Starting Points
    Machine Maintenance
    Text Training
    Tabs, Leads, Ramps
    Pocket and Profile Toolpathing
    Drawing Tips
    Common Toolpathing
    ShopBot Control Software Basics

    TJ If we take the forum for pointers then other topics could include.. Grounding issues, USB problems, hold down techniques and vacuums. Now that VCarve Shopbot Edition incorporates 2 sided machining - locating and hold down for double sided machining. Dust Shoes, Extraction and alternatives, and finally from me, how many of us have ever used the probe?

    Sincerely and in good faith
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    Hello TJ. I enjoy and benefit from the training sessions, and see them as a key part of helping Shopbotters become functional. But I only watch the end results on YouTube, so when the live session takes place is not important to me.

    But, as to the topics, I think it would be great if you could occasionally visit a customer's machine, and show how to evaluate its condition, and then how to fix it up. As noted by Martin, this could get into grounding issues, USB/Com Errors, and alignment of the machine, especially the spindle, (Using a dial indicator, and doing it without).

    As part of the evaluation of the machine, showing poor cutting results and then figuring out what is wrong, and then showing how to fix it perhaps seems obvious. But on a slightly more subtle level, doing something that shows what the best cut is that you can get on various types of machines would be very helpful. When I work on trying to improve my cutting, I don't know if my machine can do any better or not. And if I am not sure, because I am only familiar with my machine and one friend's bot, I really feel like I'm guessing.

    As a last variation on that theme, if you showed a perfect machine, and then put in some worn gears, and showed what happened, then put it back to good, and knock the spindle out of alignment, and showed what happens. Show cuts with all the cut parameters perfected, and then show what happens when they have been messed up......

    Thanks for asking, and please keep up the good work, Chuck
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    Thanks for the reply's everyone! All very good tips and ideas, I think we will have to incorporate them into 2018 topics!

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    TJ- I enjoyed your first video of the year [tips and tricks] and this old post came up when I searched for info on Alpha machine operation. I would suggest a video dealing with the differences on the Alpha machines. I have had two standard SB machines and recently bought a used [barely] BT48 alpha with a spindle. I have been puttzing with it as I have time but... I am having problems understanding the Alpha and how it determines where it is and where it thinks it is. I have gotten a lot of help from the fine peeps on the board but have not found much on the SB site. Thanks Gene

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