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Thread: TechShop Bankrupt — How Will I ShopBot Now?!

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    Unhappy TechShop Bankrupt — How Will I ShopBot Now?!

    Hi gang!

    I awoke to the news that TechShop suddenly declared bankruptcy yesterday and closed all of its US locations.

    This has hit my dreams hard, as I'm sure it has many others. One day I will get my own Buddy, but it's just not feasible at present.

    Does anyone know of anyplace in the Bay Area where I can use a ShopBot every now and then?

    All the best,

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    Someone will have a sale of the tools, maybe you could get the shopbot for a real good price.

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    Did you ever find a new place to work? If you're in the East Bay (or don't mind going there), you might check out Ace Monster Toys, a membership maker space on the Berkeley/Oakland border. It isn't as big or well-stocked with tools as Techshop was, but they're still going strong. I know they've got a CNC router, but I don't think it was a Shopbot. Here's a link:

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