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Thread: Pocketing HDU

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    Default Pocketing HDU

    Whats the best bit and tips on stepover and direction for pocketing large HDU sign backgrounds so text is raised

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    How large is the text? If it is small (3" or smaller) you will want to pocket the larger open parts of the sign with a larger bit with the largest stepover you can that looks acceptable for your application. After that go in with a smaller bit to pocket the text.
    This will keep your small letter from being snapped off from flying parts from your large pocket.
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    As Kyle mentions, use a larger bit to hog out the bulk and a smaller bit (the largest you can to get the detail you want) to get into the small areas. VCP/Aspire give you this option in the Pocket toolpath. Look at the toolpath simulations carefully.

    Make sure you Zzero both tools at the same exact XY position to avoid a transition step between where the larger and smaller tools overlap.

    Make sure the sheet is held down well so it doesn't pop up in the center where it is being machined, or you'll get tool marks.

    A raster strategy is usually better than an offset in terms of finish because it doesn't 'telegraph' the offset across the entire pocket.

    If you're worried, test out your toolpaths in some pink or blue insulation foam.

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    I'm dedicated to pocketed lettering for two reasons. First, it makes a sign stand out and second it prevents letters from being removed.

    I would caution to not get too fussy about with the gap on the pocket. I usually leave about 1/8" around the lettering. Makes the letters stand out and allows for expansion.

    I almost never change a bit in this process. It's a fast and east technique at best.

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