I am new to working wth Shopbot desktop Max and V carve 9. I made a sign to cut and noticed that when I went to save the toolpath I got a warning saying that I have two tools with the same identification number. So I went and looked at the original load of tools from the starter set and the desktop starter set and noticed I had some tools with the same ID in both sets but different tools.
That being said I guess as long as you do not choose tools with the same ID number it is not a problem. ??
I have the program on my laptop and on my desk unit.
My question is how much trouble am I creating by renumbering the tools so they will save my tool paths. It will not save and create as long as the program has a conflict. I also noticed that in the Shopbot edit program the tool list has numbers also. Do I need to make sure all tools are numbered the same in all programs and bith computers and keep a log of the numbering? Any input or direction would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to keep the confusion level to a minimal.