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Thread: Looking for west coast shopbotters for paid consulting

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    Default Looking for west coast shopbotters for paid consulting

    I am an artist in Los Angeles, and a few years back, made the plunge and bought a wonderful PRS Alpha, with a dual Z axis (poor man's tool changer) with 2 Columbo 5hp spindles. This machine has worked really well on many projects in the studio, though I have not really used the dual Z axis as much as I had anticipated.

    Now a project has come up that would really take advantage of this capability, and I could use some local help in getting the machine set up in the most optimum way. This would include getting the spindle control board finally set up, as well as a vac hold down system and just a general review of how jobs are being approached. Curious if any fellow, advanced Shopbotters are in the Southern California area and interested in paid consulting work in these matters? Thank you much.

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    Hey Rob i wanted to know if you were still looking for consulting for your prs alpha?

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