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Thread: Make plastic, foam, wood look like chrome

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    Default Make plastic, foam, wood look like chrome

    It doesn't really show the process with any detail but the results look fantastic. I thought it was just for metal but it shows foam, plastic, wood. No idea of the cost. Thought it would be interesting to some...
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    I've seen that on Counts Customs and on West Coast Customs, it is freaking amazing. Didn't realize it wouuld work on wood and MDF as well.
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    Seems a lot like ChromeFX, which has been on the market for like 10yrs already...

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    I use a water based and a solvent based chrome depending on the material to be covered.

    This is my friend Craig demoing the water based product.

    My fav is the solvent based product by House of Kolor: Kosmic Khrome.
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