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Thread: VFD settings

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    Default VFD settings

    I recently have had a problem with my spindle during spindle warmup. It made an awful screeching sound before stoping only a minute into warmup. The VFD read an error oL-2 which has several possibilities. I starting scrolling through the settings on the VFD to see if anything could be off, but since the VFD came programed from ShopBot I have no idea what the settings should be if not correct. I have a Yaskawa V1000 VFD and HSD AT/MT1073-070 spindle.

    I also no longer have control of my spindle from the computer or 3 button pendant even though I have the ability to switch between local and remote access on the VFD.

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    Kenny - What was the answer to fix the awful screeching noise? I have that noise and the only thing i have been doing is inputting parameters with advise from the Yaskawa tech people .
    thanks - Roy Shimp 904 268-3335

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