Being new to vacuum hold down techniques, I built a low buck vacuum table for my BT32-12 Alpha Buddy. I used 2 sheets of MDF and divided the 24" X 32" table into four zones (Sorry the forum won't let me upload any photos, get error messages). I sealed all sides of the MDF with 3 or 4 coats of thinned shellac (sanding sealer) before I glued it together. The table is bolted to the rail and the deck that comes with the Buddy. I'm running a small vacuum pump I got from harbor freight. It works fine for a part that fits into one zone, but I have to machine everything 2 sided as I don't want to run the bit into the top of the table. I wanted to use a bleeder board for at least one zone but this set up isn't strong enough. With all zones off my gauge reads 24"Hg, when i'm using one zone and have a good hold the gauge reads 10-11" Hg. I would like to improve my setup and was looking for advice.

Not sure to invest in a better pump or maybe cut out the vacuum table in plastic or other denser material.

Any and all advice will be appreciated. Thanks.