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Thread: PRSalpha BT32-12 Vacuum table questions

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    Default PRSalpha BT32-12 Vacuum table questions

    Being new to vacuum hold down techniques, I built a low buck vacuum table for my BT32-12 Alpha Buddy. I used 2 sheets of MDF and divided the 24" X 32" table into four zones (Sorry the forum won't let me upload any photos, get error messages). I sealed all sides of the MDF with 3 or 4 coats of thinned shellac (sanding sealer) before I glued it together. The table is bolted to the rail and the deck that comes with the Buddy. I'm running a small vacuum pump I got from harbor freight. It works fine for a part that fits into one zone, but I have to machine everything 2 sided as I don't want to run the bit into the top of the table. I wanted to use a bleeder board for at least one zone but this set up isn't strong enough. With all zones off my gauge reads 24"Hg, when i'm using one zone and have a good hold the gauge reads 10-11" Hg. I would like to improve my setup and was looking for advice.

    Not sure to invest in a better pump or maybe cut out the vacuum table in plastic or other denser material.

    Any and all advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    There are 2 basic types of vacuums. High Pressure/Low Volume and Low Pressure/High Volume. The small electric pumps are high pressure but very low air volume, so as soon as there is additional air available, like from cutting through the part, he pump can't get rid of enough air quick enough to hold vacuum. "Cheap" low volume/high pressure is gotten from something like the Fein Vacuums (Better than regular shop-vacs as the way they are designed the motors don't burn out quickly like a typical shop-vac will) or lighthouse universal vacuum motors. For the photo issue they are probably too high a resolution and you need to dial it down in a photo program first. For info on lighthouse vacuum systems just search here. Ton's of stuff. Bottom line is for full parts hold down and being able to cut through/cut out you can't get away with a few dollars worth of small suction pump.

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