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Thread: New [to me] BT alpha 48- no power to the VFD?

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    I have the dedicated laptop with SB3 installed, it all worked in Virginia. I just got the spindle to turn on... still not sure how I did it, but it does work.
    To manually start the spindle, click output #1 and then open the Keypad and after answering the prompt to push start, it should start.

    I have been using the full version of the SB3, not the Easy version- seems to work sometimes, so I should be able to figure it out sooner or later. I just need to figure out the sequence I guess. Thanks everyone and especially Scott.

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    That's how you would manually start it, but you'll need to use the proper post processor that posts the code for turning on the spindle with a cut file. Not sure what you did when you had the ChiCom spindle.

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