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Thread: Post Processor Modification

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    I understand that Gary. I'm just worried there won't be any more support for SBLink.
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    It appears to have been clearly stated: They are not providing updates or support for the discounted Links. You don't have one. Unless I don't understand what your definition of support is, enlighten me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brian.owen View Post
    Date for comm issue fix--I will need to have a conversation with Sturmer if I'm going to try to provide a date, I know what he is working on and which obstacles he has to overcome, but I can't put a date on the conclusion of that work. I will find out.
    more detail...the plan for fixing comm issues is a controller that 1. does not rely on USB connection, and 2. does not stream moves to the machine from some other device. The controller we have been working on is Linux based, it was not going to be able to run SB3 in its current form--so we have a few choices, revise SB3 to run on linux, adopt 3rd part software, start from scratch building something of our own. SB3 is far from perfect and I don't think anyone felt that it would be a good use of time just to port over a piece of software that is already past its prime. So we opted to develop a new interface from scratch. I know this is the same story you've heard over and over--I just wanted to repeat it for anyone that hasn't followed along for the last 4-5 years. All this is to say--the fix for comm issues is tied up in the development of a new interface. We chose the path that we thought would be best for customers but it has taken too long to get the software up and running. However, that is the current state of things and the people working on the problem are still dedicated and interested in making it work. It is the number one goal for the development team until it is available on all tools. It is not something we can all directly impact, but I think putting it through as many use cases as possible will help it be better--I use FabMo on all of my production tools that cut plastic and metal parts for HB and SB--I need those tools to run all day without interruption, so any problem that prevents me from doing that is reported to the development team.

    Since Handibot keeps coming up as an example of ShopBot not caring about customer needs--I think this bears repeating: When a Handibot customer loses a weekend of work due to issues with software (or hardware) I am furious. I have written more support documentation for Handibot than we have for any other recent product. I will drop what I'm doing and drive across states to fix things in person that can't be fixed over the phone. I fume at the thought of someone who has retired and has limited income, purchasing a $3k Handibot expecting to fill his or her time with an enjoyable hobby--only to be confused and frustrated. I think that is just as bad as someone who relies on a tool for business spending $40k and having a bad experience. So please, don't conflate the Handibot's cheerful blue and gold exterior with a lack of seriousness about quality and support--also realize that it is a tiny part of what ShopBot is focused on day to day.

    So I'll dig around for more information on dates for Big Tool releases of FabMo on Monday and report back here. Obviously by setting a date, we'll be setting ourselves up for another repeat of this whole thread in 6 months or whatever--but I figure it is better to say what we know and communicate what we're facing if we don't meet a deadline.
    So, it's been a week since I last asked "What is the date? " and there has been zero response other than Brian stating that he needed to ask someone named Sturmer to provide a date.

    Does Sturmer or Mr. Sturmer, whatever his name is, have an account on the forum? Can he answer the question directly? Is he on vacation on a remote island and can't be reached? Does he have an actual plan to achieve the task of solving the communication problem? Does anyone know where he is? Does anyone else have a plan? Can anyone, I mean anyone, including the custodial staff, guess at a solution and give a date?

    I don't care about Fatmo, Handibot or any of the other toys being played with. I want to know what is happening that will solve the problems with PRS Alpha machine, not a toy machine. If you guys and girls at shopbot view anything about handibot that is relevant to fixing the communication issues with my machine, then the answer is obvious to me......there will not be a real fix, just a toy fix.

    How about someone at shopbot guessing how long it will be before someone from shopbot will respond on this forum and give a date when the communication problem will be solved.

    I am guessing no answer will be given to any of the questions above.

    What really, really amazes me is that nobody at shopbot appears to even fathom how much damage to customer loyalty the continuation of this thread is doing. If I were in charge at shopbot and had no idea how or when this problem would be solved, I would've either stepped in and made some kind of conciliatory / rally the troops posting on the forum and then closed the thread or just close the thread.

    Do you guys really think that potential customers looking to purchase a CNC machine don't read the postings on your forum? Do you think the rhetoric gives them confidence in a purchase?

    Do you really think that competitors aren't reading the postings on your forum?

    There have been 8,000 views of this thread, obviously somebody is reading it.

    I invested a lot of money in the blue whale sitting in my shop and would much rather that you guys come up with a fix for it so that I don't have to changeover my complete control box, but that's looking like something with a very low probability.

    Is anyone at shopbot listening?????? Hello........

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    Hey Jim,

    I've been busy with Handibot connectivity stuff this week...which is actually going really well! But to your question--I'm of the opinion that even if new control software is only 6 months away for Gantry tools--we should be pursuing other options, hoping that those can be moved along more quickly. Tom Hartnett has been working with an inexpensive windows pc that could be used as a dedicated ShopBot controller--settings all tweaked to play nicely with SB3 here and sent out as an option with tools.
    I've been using this mini-pc on one of my production tools for the last couple of weeks and have had zero issues with connection or anything else related to running SB3. My files are typically about 2 hours long. I've recommended that we go ahead with this solution because I think it is the fastest path to fixing these problems. Tom would like me to run some longer files to test...and I will...then I will follow up with him and everyone here.

    edit: date...probably easier to say after this coming week...but I don't see why it shouldn't be ready by the end of November. So I'll say that.

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    settings all tweaked to play nicely with SB3 here
    "Here" is the key word. That all goes out the window once it's in the customers shop, still using SB3/USB with unknown grounding and surrounding environment.

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    I have not offered any more insight into this thread because I don't feel I have anything new to add that has not already been stated earlier in this thread ("Mr. Sturmer" actually has partaken and offered answers in this thread in the past), other than demanding for new updates on projects, because you'll hang on every word that anyone here at ShopBot says in this regard, where in contrast ShopBot's stance on the forum in the past has been hands off to allow for discussion and engagement in the community not to moderate the ideas and thoughts of its users.

    There have been a select few who recently seem directly against the core that it was once and continues to try and be. Rather than offering help and support for others in a constructive manner an attitude that is belligerent and belittling has been taken while maintaining a holier-than-thou demeanor. That is not a place for me and really is not an attitude for this forum. The concerns aired here need to be done so in a different way.

    If you'd like my thoughts on the issues being discussed I would refer to my involvement in this thread starting on page 2. I've addressed and solved hundreds of communication issues cases. None of them are a mystery, all of them have a solution.

    Personally, I do not want a set in stone date for FabMo, you can see the progress being made on it by checking the GitHub - there's no mystery about its development either, I'd rather the project be done late and correct than be released early and incorrect.

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    As you all know we try to be very hands-off on the's a user forum and not a company forum. However, once I start getting private message complaints about a person or thread, it's time to execute my power as a moderator. I've gotten 3 so far so it's time to lock this thread. Unless a thread involves a personal attack or something illegal or dangerous, we leave the thread intact for reference, and this one will stay up.

    As Tom posted above, if you're having connection problems try the steps he listed early on in this overly-long thread. If those don't work then contact tech support. That's what they're there for and they are very good at what they do.

    And since I have the power of "The Last Word", I want to point out a statistic from a survey on customer satisfaction that the CNC Cookbook folks published that Brian linked to earlier. ShopBot was near the top in most categories like customer satisfaction, but among the 20+ tools that were ranked, ShopBot was #1 in the "Likelihood of Recommending to Others" category!

    cnc cookbook survey.jpg

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