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Thread: Bit for 1.5” length of cut in 2x8

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsontoddr View Post
    Tom: Thanks for the clarification. Should the Z zero routine still stop at about 1/2" above the z zero plate, or should it continue to max Z and then lower as Scott mentioned above?

    when set up to recognize the Z prox it should go up to max Z like Scott mentioned.
    Go to this file location (C:\SbParts\Custom\my_variables.sbc) and check the &my_hasZProx value - set it to 1 if not already.

    I just recorded a video of the C3 and ZZero being run on a DT tool with Z prox enabled in case it helps, but I think we are on the same page.

    -Tom H.

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    &my_hasZProx was set to 0 in my_variables.sbc

    Just to be sure I didn't do anything wrong, I reran all of the initial set up files. That still didn't change the variable to 1. I then edited the file and manually changed the variable to 1, restarted SB3 and the Z zero routine did exactly as Scott described. That is the first time it has done that since I've had the machine (around 2 years or so).

    So the Z Prox is now working and the Onsrud 52-367 4" bit with 2 1/8" CEL has plenty of clearance over a 2x as you can see in the photo.

    Thanks to all of you for the suggestions and help.


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    I've cut 2x4's and their cousins many times on my SB and always use a regular run of the mill 1/4" upcut Onsrud (or similar) with a 1" LOC to do it. There is no need for anything fancy here. 2x stock is simple, soft pine. It cuts very easily. As long as the collet clears the wood, the bit can be used. I've many times dove below the cutting part of the bit without a hitch. I typically will use a 6 IPS and 14,000 RPM with .1" depth for this type of cut. If you don't see a plume of chips, you're probably going to have to get out the shopvac and lend a hand but the cut will still go ok.

    If you're not cutting a hardwood like maple or oak, you can get away with a lot of shortcuts.
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