The header for “Did you know” item 4. Might want to read that again, got two words reversed.

It would be good to see a pic or two of your facilities or you. When you have a business that involves a high level of trust, such as one where you might be sending off a high value or one off item, it can help to give a sense of person, place, and “yes, we actually exist somewhere besides the internet” that only bricks and mortar can provide. Of course you have a good rep here, but if I had never heard of you, then I would feel better knowing my items were being delivered to a place, not a website, if you get my drift.

It would also be nice if you could click on the some of your pics and get an enlarged view, especially the large millwork. You are doing detailed work and I want to see more of that awesome detail. The pics are about 1x2” on my iPad, if that

I got no complaints, just a couple of suggestions. Overall, it is pretty sharp looking and does the job well, just like your product. Mission accomplished!