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Thread: Technical Support - Control Computer Setup video series

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    Default Technical Support - Control Computer Setup video series

    Some new videos have been published to our YouTube channel today that cover just about everything one needs to know to setup the control computer for the ShopBot.

    It's objective is to be clear and concise as to the objectives and steps to take to accomplish this.

    Here is where you can find these videos:

    Playlist -

    Computer Requirements -

    Setting up Installation Media -

    Installing Windows with USB installer -

    Installing Windows with CD installer -

    Setting up Control Computer (Windows Settings) -

    Installing SB3 and VCarve -

    Feedback/comments are welcome. More videos in the same format to come

    -Tom H.

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    SWEET! I'm looking forward to watching them. Thank you for putting these together
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    Thanks Tom! I too look forward to seeing these...……… after Mother's Day! Chuck
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