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Thread: Wtb/wtt for shop bot buddy or 4x4

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    Default Wtb/wtt for shop bot buddy or 4x4

    Looking for a shopbot CNC with spindle. We have owned two desktops in the past and use them in our business but we're looking for one a little larger like a 4 by 4 or a buddy 32 or 48. If we could do some trading that would even be better I have some real nice professional-quality Studio grade microphones some of which I've never been used API mic pres, interface, recording equipment also 2017 d18 Martin and a 2018 hd28vts with torrified top and braces never played or even strummed once. And of course cash so if there's someone out there looking to sell one and would take some cash and some things in on trade I would be interested thank you

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    I have a 5hp spindle shopbot buddy PR Salpha BT 48 With a vacuum hold down , computer , software and many cutters. It is 2 years old with very low hours use.It is in perfect shape.
    We are in Washington State.
    If you are interested call #253-858-3210

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