I finally got my VFD fixed and it works. I have switched the X and Y axis and I am feeling out the real limits of the table and surfacing the spoil board- I am going to add a spoilboard on top of the factory one for now as it is already surfaced below the surface. I would like to build an alum extrusion table similar to Andrew's eventually.

This is an Alpha tool and I am still figuring that out, I often run up against the limit switches [trying to get a bit more tool travel] and then I have to Quit and Reset in order to regain manual control? I am not sure what is happening when I push reset? The tool has lost track of it's position- do I have to do a C3 before it knows accurately where it is? I am trying to get a handle on how this works. Thanks Gene

And Tom- you were right about the VFD of course. Apparently a poorly crimped connector which rattled loose on the ride up from Virginia. Very happy with the machine in spite of the problems.