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Thread: Shopbot suddently stops and recommences heading in the wrong direction

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    Default Shopbot suddently stops and recommences heading in the wrong direction

    I'm having some issues with a toolpath that I wrote in Fusion 360 tonight. I've attached it here along with a picture of how it failed. It stopped mid routine abruptly (there was kind of a thud). I could see the position monitor changing without the head moving for a second before it started moving in the opposite direction. It was almost like it was registering that it was moving to the left (relative to the attached pic) even when it was stuck and only started moving when it was given a command in the opposite direction (the right). A few other events preceeded this.

    1. I tried zeroing the bit for a couple previous bits and the zero routine failed twice. I had to do them again and they succeeded but this has never happened before.

    2. I have just replaced the pinion gears but have run a couple other tool routines without any major issues since then.

    3.I was disconnected from the internet but I had fusion 360, rhino and chrome running at the same time. Rhino wasn't doing much but Fusion had the related model file up and running (while I was disconnected from the internet).

    Any help is greatly appreciate.


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    First and foremost, do not have these other programs running on the same PC that is running the machine. Run these programs elsewhere and save the part files to the machine PC over your network, be it wired, wireless or sneakernet (do not run them off a USB drive either).

    Second, what version of SB3 are you running? Some older 3.8.XX versions would hang on a jog up and to another place and then go awry.

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