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Thread: Getting more Z height

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    Default Getting more Z height

    I have a SB Desktop 24 x 32 table. I've been asked to make a farm table. 38" x 90" top with 4" x 4" legs. I wanted to cut the mortises on the SB but I didn't have enough Z height. It was also time to put a new spoilboard on the machine.
    Most of the work I do is not very large so I only use the front 12 - 18" of the table. So I decided to split my table at 18" so I can clamp thick material like the 4 x 4 legs to the frame of the machine.
    I used biscuits, without glue, to align and reinforce the table. My T-tracks and grid extend into the removable part of the table.
    I was able to clamp the legs and cut the mortises with the extra Z height I gained.
    Also I've been considering buying a rotary axis. This added Z will give me the room I need if I decide to buy one.

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    You can also put a piece of 2x3 or 3x3" square tubing between the long rails and the 3X3 or 3x5" (I forget) at the end of the X rails. This will effectively do the same thing. The Z can also be moved up or down in 2" steps by selecting different sets of holes in the 2x2" steel tubing on the Z axis.

    That's a PRT Benchtop 32, BTW - not a Desktop.

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