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Thread: Is it ever OK to put screws in your bleeder board?

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    Thanks, I assumed they were the same, but you know what happens when one assumes.

    I've had two previous machines. Prior to my Desktop Max, I had a Desktop 24X18. I populated the spoil board with T nuts and used clamps. Then I started using screws in lieu of clamps. I was happier with the screws. Of course, I had to resurface more often but it's not very time consuming once programmed.

    My current Desktop Max has a factory vacuum hold down. Since I rarely use full width sheets, I'm finding that the hold down isn't very good on smaller (not small) boards w/o covering the remaining space with something else to increase the vacuum under the wood I'm working with.

    I'm thinking about taking the vacuum set up off and putting on an 80/20 aluminum slat deck and fasten my spoil board to that.

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    Dear Bud

    Let me start by saying I'm quite envious of your DeskTop MAX. I thought that if I was ever lucky enough to get one (in my garage). I would go for the aluminium bed then build my own 'vacuum' on that if needed.

    As for this thread, I wonder how many of the original 'contributors' are still 'users'. In the UK we have places you can go and declare; 'My name is Martin and I'm a Shopbot user'.

    Good luck with your MAX
    Always sincere

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