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    Im a shop ot owner of a few years amd today i purchased my 3rd one with the other 2 being desktops. This is a buddy 48 with a 14z. Its got a router but fof noise i need a the hsd from shopbot the smartest choi e......ate they easy to install? Its got vexta motors so im thinking its a alpha?

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    Definitely get your spindle from Shopbot. They will send it already programmed to work with your software and if you buy the USB interface board it will plug right up and operate the spindle from the software. You will have to add one relay to the control box you have but that is no big deal. I used a DPST relay and then used the extra set of points on it to start and stop my dust collection system.

    Look up a thread by Joe Coholic where he builds a table from aluminum extrusions. I did that a couple of years ago and it is GREAT. Always perfectly flat and very easy to clamp up parts. I have a supply of 1/4 inch plywood that I put under my cut through pieces to keep from messing up the table. Project cost about $1,000 initially but the time and effort saved is fantastic. I do a lot of hobby stuff so every piece I do is different.

    Replace the "X" axis pinion now. Because one pinion is moving the whole table it takes a lot of wear and you have to keep a close check on it. Also make sure that the setup for retracting the pinion is properly adjusted. All that holds the pinion in contact with the rack is a spring and if the pull rod that is used to retract it is too tight the pinion will not engage fully.
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