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Thread: switching from jpeg to a crv format ?

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    Default switching from jpeg to a crv format ?

    I'm trying to cut some parts for a chair which I found in a woodworking mag. I scanned the parts drawing and got a jpeg file. Is there any way to convert the jpeg file into a CRV file? I want to manipulate the size of the parts, in the vcarve pro software?

    Thanks much for any help


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    You can convert bitmaps to vectors using the “trace bitmap” tool under “create vectors”, however, this tool wouldn’t give you vectors satisfactory for furniture making. IMHO this feature is best for artsy type v-carving vectors.

    You’d be best served to recreate the vectors by creating them using the regular drawing tools… this way you can also create any necessary pocketing vectors along with any necessary dog-bones…


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    The "Trace Bitmap" tool will create far too many vectors and cleaning them up will take a lot of time. A much easier and better solution is to import the image and then, on another layer, use the regular drawing tools to create the outline of your part. You will find that the program is surprisingly accurate and you will not have to manipulate dimensions very much to get what you want.

    Let's say I want to cut a gasket for something. If I put it on a scanner, save it as a BMP or Jpeg and then import it into Aspire the dimensions will be right on.

    One technique that I have found valuable is the zoom in on the drawing. For instance you want to put a line right at the edge of something. You can select that line and use the right and left arrow keys to manipulate it but it will not want to get to the exact position you need. Zoom way in and use the arrow keys. The line moves about the same distance on the screen but much less actual distance on the part. Doing this you can micro move pretty much anything.

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