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Thread: My Optimized Workbench

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    Default My Optimized Workbench

    Lacking a real shop and having the garage stuffed with machines and tools, I have to do most of the work in my driveway. Not too bad, given this is SoCal for 10 months of the year but I have to rely on mobile tools and portable workbenches that I haul out as required.

    I have used with some success the Workmate 125 and 225 as well as some other light duty folding benches but was never really happy with them, being to flimsy, too small, with wiggly vise and awkward folding.

    That led me to design my own optimized folding bench, a bit sturdier, larger table 30"x22", folding flat to 4" and with a real parallel jaw vise up to 11" clamping capability. Project still needs some optimization but so far I am quite happy with it. At 50 pounds it stretches the "portable" label but I can still lug it around and being heavy and solid was one of the ideas so that I can use it for manual tools like planes.

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    Fine looking bench.


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    Nice bench, however i'm convinced that regardless how small or large a shop one owns it always gets filled up with tools.....(not that it's a bad thing!)
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    Great tool! Adapt, Improvise and overcome! It looks solid and I think the weight is fine for the function.
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