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Everything you need to know is in the Vectric Post Processor Guide ...

This is a good read and does what you are looking to do (turning a switch on/off). The post processor for that is here - Just download it and see how it was done for yourself.

FYI - All it's doing is turning an Output On (1) or Off (0) :: SO,5,1 means Set Output number 5 to 1/ON This means that you need to have your physical #5 Output on the control board wired to your relay board and your valve on the other side of the relay. You'll also need a common ground between the boards...

Thank you Brady, I looked at what jtechphotonics did, added BEGIN PLUNGE_MOVE "SO,3,1" and BEGIN RETRACT_MOVE "SO,3,0", with a degree of success. I have a couple bugs. When initiating straight lines it follows the line to the last 1/4" then ramps down. If it's the start of a square then the only the last 1/4" of the first side is cut, the other 3 sides cut perfect. An "i" looks lie a superscript colon (, "ll" looks like quotes (").

I also tried adding "SO,3,1" to the BEGIN FEED_MOVE which also works except for one little bug, the spindle turns off part way through the file.

It seems to me neither of these should be related in anyway to the added instruction. WTH???

Any ideas?