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    Default Camping projects

    I’m starting this thread for camping specific projects, from elegant to functional. I’m starting it out with the latter!

    I invite the community to show your camping hacks, ideas or even ask for solutions to specific problems!

    My wife of 47 years and I like to camp! We went camping on our honeymoon, in a pup tent back then… We like to camp away from the crowds and noise people seem to think necessary to bring with from home. This often means crude or no conveniences like pottys!

    Since my wife was 6 weeks post knee replacement when we left for our latest trip, I decided to make a sort of “handicap” bucket loo. Now, this design won’t win any awards from the ADA folks, but it sure worked well!

    Its features are the large base for better stability on uneven ground, the additional 5” height and a minimal but useful handle/grab bar.

    It’s made with box joints and mortice and tenon joints and is very strong! The bucket is an interference fit and isn’t coming out… even if I want it to!

    Version 2.0 would include a TP holder and make the void in the base into a liner and chemical storage area.

    FWIW, we found this fantastic pop up changing room, shower, loo. It pops up in about 10 seconds, and folds in about 30!

    I’ll gladly share the design if you’re interested, but designing it is half the fun! PM me if you would like plans in VCP v8 format.


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