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Seth, I'll agree with Martin. You have a CNC router, and it is good at these types of projects. Using a CNC router for some tasks makes no sense, but what you are describing is made for CNC routing. I just assume you are on the steep/beginning part of the learning curve, so most everything seems harder than it will later become.....

You assume correctly, on all counts. That's part of why I was curious if making a 3D shape was worth the learning curve.

Martin, Chuck,

So I did the math: 8 layers of half-flute pieces each 0.5 inches thick, 2 end pieces 3/8 inch thick. I think I would still have to cut the side tapers on a chop saw -- I don't think I can make a flute on one side and cut a taper on the bottom, right? Is there a way I could have the machine shave a 1/2" piece down to 3/8" while cutting it?