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Thread: Guilloche Pattern Software Now Available

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    Default Guilloche Pattern Software Now Available

    I thought I better post the announcement here (not in the old thread in the "Projects" section), since this is now becoming an official for-sale item.

    If you are interested in decorative Guilloche-Style patterns (similar to what can be done with a Rose-Engine ornamental lathe), please check this out. Essentially this is kind of a Spirograph on steroids.

    The software has now some major improvements (and bug fixes) over the beta that has been out for several years:
    - Flat machining
    - Rotary machining on cylindrical or variable diameter blanks. Seamless wrapping around x or y- axis.
    - Number of loops/waves and traces is selectable, as are many other control parameters.
    - Makes circular, rectangular or linear guilloche patterns
    - Outputs various file formats for import into Aspire or VCarvePro:
    a) .dxf open polyline vector files for the center of the pattern traces
    (use with "on"-type profile tool path)
    b) .dxf closed polyline vectors for the outline of varying width traces
    (use with v-carve tool path, requires manual vector trimming of overlapping traces)
    c) .bmp file of selectable pixel resolution
    (convert to vectors and use with v-carve tool path, simpler but less accurate than b)
    - Also: outputs direct g-code file for use with 30-120 degree v-bits or diamond drag bits.

    Some examples, more on my web site:
    ScreenHunter 04.jpg
    Box Joint, Dovetail, Guilloche and MazeMaker Software Here

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    Thanks G. !
    Just downloaded the free demo version to get the new improved
    Hope to buy the licensed version when I can.
    Looks like you're having fun with the linear bearing diamond drag you made
    Scott Plaisted
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 9

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    I made a video, mainly for diamond drag engraving.
    Beginning to like this technique...
    Box Joint, Dovetail, Guilloche and MazeMaker Software Here

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