Hi, everyone!

My name is Rich and I live in rural Vermont. I've been building for 40 years and have had my hands in woodworking for nearly as long being as I define the two as different, yet related. As I get older I have somehow gotten a little bit wiser and realize that I'd rather be doing shop work than hauling 2x10s up two stories to set rafters. Materials have gotten heavier and I want to preserve my strength and agility and not risk injury. That being said...

I purchased a ShopBot Buddy PRS Alpha 48 with 2.2 HP spindle and 12" z axis. My ambition is to make signs, architectural elements for other builders, do reproduction work with a digitizer and also make some home items like cutting boards and decorative items with inlays. I'm a real newbie to the CNC but have pretty decent computer and design skills. I apologize up front that I'll likely be asking some frequent, dumb questions.

So my first inquiry to the forum is this:

Has anyone compiled data and created any kind of chart or info graphic that generally "suggests" technical information by wood species for different bits with feed rates, spindle speed and pass depths?

At least for me at an early stage with lack of experience, it would be very helpful to avoid ruining my parts, prematurely wearing on expensive Amanda bits and generally frustrating myself as I work to gain new skills. I may well be wrong, but would think that regardless of the machine and router or spindle that there are best practices in this regard.

I thank you for your time and patience with me!