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Thread: Convert tool path to vector

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    Default Convert tool path to vector

    I have a v carve tool path that I need to convert to a vector. Can the Shopbot version of V Carve Pro export that as a dxf? I don't have that post processor available.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If I’m understanding your question correctly…

    The ShopBot control software, SB3 can convert .sbp toolpaths to DXF files.
    XXX.sbp files can be exported under (f)ile--> file(C)onversions. There are some issues however… the resulting vectors are the centerline of the bit and must be offset ½ the bit diameter in or out depending on what was pathed. The bigger issue is that stepdowns are exported as vectors spiraled on top of each other ands can be a bugger to sus out!

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