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Thread: File Naming Strategy

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    Default File Naming Strategy

    Just wondering what kind of File Naming Strategies are used by others.

    In our case, we use this:

    60- A 60 degree V blade
    Subject - An identifier of the work piece
    Time- Amount of time to cut the piece

    So... A file name for a John Wayne sign cutting with a 60 degree V bit and taking 45 minutes to cut would be:

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    I start with the project identifier name, and then a version number.

    Like "NC Coffee Table V1"
    "NC Coffee Table V2" and so forth.
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    For my drawing files I'll do something simple like "Elephant bookshelf".
    For the toolpath files, I'll do something like this:
    Elephantbookshelf.50ply48x96Pocketandprofile.25com pmortTableZero

    This tells me:
    1- what I'm cutting
    2- what material I'm using, how thick the material is, and what the size of the material is that I need
    3- what toolpath it is cutting
    4- what bit I need to use
    5- where to zero the Z.

    If I need to use multiple toolpaths and different bits on the same job, I edit #3 and 4 when saving toolpaths in Vcarve Pro to let me know what I need to do next on the same sheet.
    Labeling the files this way lets me know what I need to know if I need to do a job I've done before if I'm away from my design computer.
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    Wow. That makes sense. Will rethink my strategy for file names.
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    For toolpaths I use:


    A is order toolpaths are to be cut in (A,B,C etc)
    Jobname is a job id
    60hsv is the bit to be used (60 Hersaf V, 1_4em for 1/4 End Mill etc)
    Zll is z lower left (Zcent would be z center of material)
    Top or Bot for top of material
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    Default tool paths

    I like the zeykr system ... with a tool path note for material size and three numbers for the cutting depth

    sp is a spiral toolpath... tb means tabs are added to the final cut

    hp is home position

    files are cut in the order shown A to V
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    The decimal point seems to be the most important on the z axis... x & y not so much....
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