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    I always get asked to make bathroom vanities so I called thermwood and they had the shop bot link on sale which is great, and I love playing around in the software does anyone have a video that will show me how to use the shopbot link with ecabs. they are sending a manual in the mail soon but I thought I would ask here. thank you I have a 48x96 standard

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    If you do a search on this forum for eCabs and Shopbot Link you will find all kinds of information on it. The other place is the Thermwood forum for eCabs. LOTs of good info over there as well. Ecabs has a steep learning curve but is a good program. I use it extensively in my business along with SBLink. Gary Campbell put together a series of great training videos on SBLink. You can contact him thru this forum. Welcome to the forum!
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    Thewoodmonk just be aware that Thermwood is going to stop all support for the SBlink. I was involved in a post approx 2 weeks ago and a Thermwood rep got involved and stated that they were going to offer remaining SBlinks at a sale price and would stop support for it.I don't remember a date, if it was given, that support would be stopped.

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    The link has the manual built in just hit the question mark. It can be a little confusing but we can help you walk thru it.
    Just because Thermwood is stopping there support dosent mean it wont work, they have been very kind to create the link in the first place.
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