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Thread: need some ideas about aluminum

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    Default need some ideas about aluminum

    I have a new truck that i am tricking out. I have a brush guard on it that i want to cut some thing and bolt it to the guard. I am thinking 1/4 inch aluminum but am open for suggestions. I know nothing about cutting aluminum which more than likely i can find on here. But painting it is an issue as well. Any thoughts sealing, painting etc. remember it will be exposed to the elements. The long horn will be about 13 inches wide at the widest point of the horns.

    Now that said are there any vendors worth contacting regarding this kind of work.

    I am wide open for suggestions.

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    You'll find plenty of info for cutting on here...Do a Google search of the forum. Make sure you know what alloy you're getting. Some cut better than others. Goto and look up aluminum. Then read up on each alloy to give you some background info for use of each.

    For painting, you need to sand it to knock off the oxide layer and to put some tooth into it. Any of the better rattle can primer and enamels are fine. After a month or so put a coat or two of wax on it to protect the paint after it is fully cured.
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