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    Hey ya'll!

    Thought I'd give the forum a try for a problem I've been running into setting up my MicroVellum, WITH MICROVELLUM. Smh. I was assured pre-purchase this wouldn't be a problem from one of the post handlers but after I purchased the entire program and upgrade, I haven't gotten much besides "we're racking up setup hours trying to get the post right". They are referring to a G-Code post when the website makes it perfectly clear ShopBot is not using that format. I have been using VCarve and have gotten by a very rough time with just that, but Id like to set MicroVellum up to make things so much easier for the future.

    Would anyone know off a person that is advanced with these posting issues that I could be referred to? It really seems they don't know how to get with ShopBot and use their language for their postings. Trying to supply them with a quicker solution since they're charging by the hour!

    Thank you
    Matthew Macys

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    At one time there was a SB'er in Houston using Microvellum and a couple (at least) SB machines. Don't know what he is doing now, but I remember hime "talking' about ~$5k for a SB postP. Hector Noriega was his name, I think.
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