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Thread: Blasted Rough Cedar

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    Default Blasted Rough Cedar

    Sandblasting has lost it's use over the last few years and I don't know why. At one time we relied on it for all our signs but with a router the process changed. The disadvantages were many, the least of which was lung disease. I blasted for years without any protection and got away with it. But still! This is a technique we farm out.

    This panel had both blasting and routing. Offering unusual techniques can enhance the image of a sign business. The general public doesn't seem to know anything about the way creative signs are made and that's OK by me. We have an open shop and welcome anyone to visit and glad to show all our methods and techniques. The same goes for pricing.


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    Looks great as usual Joe. Can we see a picture of finished product?
    Ken Zey
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