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Thread: VFD not turning on/not lighting up, spindle not turning on.

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    Default VFD not turning on/not lighting up, spindle not turning on.


    We have the PRSAlpha and the VFD is not turning on/lighting up. Just cut a few letters and after loading the next set to cut, tried to turn the spindle on and nothing happened; noticed the VFD was not lighting up. I looked everywhere and people mentioned the contactor might be stuck so we turned off everything, opened the control box, and pressed the contactor. Turned the machine back on but VFD is still off. Didn't hear a click either but the contactor didn't seem stuck...
    Here's a picture of the contactor. The middle part was the only pressable part of it.

    This hasn't happened before so we don't know what to do. It worked and then a minute later it didn't.

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    Just to make sure, did you check the breaker, any plug from box to outlet?
    Do you have a tester to check the power feed lines? If not, you should. Start there and then work in.

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