Ok this will be a hard one to explain.

Here is the scaled down attempt

Was cutting a large 3d file (about 5hrs) with .0321 ball nose bit, speeds 5,3...

1) Lost Y position intermittently (see photo below)
2) Checked file and Y positions were fine
3) Called SB support
4) Switched Y and Z red,white, green, black wires in control panel and switched values input driver definition for Y and Z--no luck
5) Switched Y and Z motors and all ran fine with no problems
7) Next day went to cut a simple square pocket lost location on both Y and Z axis--Z off about 3/16" and Y off by about 1.5", X was fine
8) Tried different laptop

Tried SB support this morning and they have not gotten back to me yet.

Tried a different computer--no luck

Help. Christmas business is suffering. Any other possibilities or suggestions?