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Thread: I want no step over

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    Default I want no step over

    How do I make multiple passes without a stepover. I want to cut 12 circles with 7 passes each with no stepover.

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    The tool should not step over during a profile pass, UNLESS you have activated the 'Do separate last pass' option OR added allowance.

    In another thread you said:
    Quote Originally Posted by dldalley View Post
    I am trying to make a cut with multiple passes WITHOUT a step over. After reading the prior question, the program should ignore the stepover however it does not. It is stepping over to the outside when I am trying to cut the inside. What am I doing wrong?
    Make sure that first, you are working with a closed vector. Second, make sure that you have chosen an OUTSIDE profile strategy rather than an inside, or 'on'. Also verify that Allowance is set to 0 and that you are not doing a lead in/lead out down in the toolpath options tabs in the profile toolpath fill-in sheet.
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