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Thread: Interesting ShopBot Blog Post (12/07/18)

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    Practical aspect also.
    Had a friend lose his entire shop to fire....hand carver, but all his big iron was downstairs in the basement, and chips,shaving,sawdust accumulated bit by bit in nooks and crannies...THEN a squirrel chewed through his 220A insulation and fried itself...starting the chips on fire. Who may have burned anyways, but chips certainly didn't help.

    Constantly think about another guys shop 20 years ago, and a drying oil rag got covered with sawdust so he couldn't see it when he swept partially....Poof!

    And then James McGrew's "Barrel Fire"....darn good thing it was in the middle of a clean concrete floor!
    Scott Plaisted
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlcw View Post
    The one thing I didn't see mentioned in the blog article was the VERY weak link of using USB communication technology between the control computer and the CNC controller. This has been and will continue to be a VERY weak link in a Shopbot solution. Something needs to be done to eliminate the constant "lost communication" problem. Sorry Shopbot, but most of us don't work in a clean room. We work in dusty, staticy environments. That's a fact of production shops. Shopbot has still done nothing to address this problem. Having an electrical engineering degree so you can develop a good grounding system for your PC, CNC Controller, CNC machine and dust collection system should not be a prerequisite of owning a CNC machine in a wood shop. I was lucky in that my background was 23 years in electronics in the Coast Guard where I learned all about good grounding systems and how to implement them. I would surmise that most folks on this forum don't have this kind of background so the lost communications error problem is incredibly frustrating. After 10 years owning my CNC there is still NOT a solution to this problem. Shopbot FIX THIS DAMN PROBLEM!!!!
    Amen! I’ve lost weeks of productivity in my first year of ownership thanks to position loss from electrical interference. ShopBot support has been diligent and eager, but I suspect the root problem isn’t “solvable” until they improve their whole approach to coms.

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