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Thread: 3D "Owl in a Black Walnut Branch"

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    Default 3D "Owl in a Black Walnut Branch"

    First one I made was a test, as step-mom said she collected owls recently, but came out so good I finished it for her...Thread was "Putzing with small branches" and no interest.
    Lot more info her at Vectric Forum;

    But she just got it, and said "LOVING" it was an understatement

    I kinda liked the little guy myself, and had another similar Black Walnut branch I rescued from a shredder two and half years ago.
    So when woke at midnight yesterday and couldn't sleep.....Jigged up MY piece, took measurements and changed model and cut.
    First pic is hers, just before sister took it to Vermont.

    The rest are from yesterday. I LIKE how MINE came out too!
    JUST off the machine pics coming next.
    Scott Plaisted
    2013 Desktop/spindle/VCP 9

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